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Behavioural Safety

health flow2Our Aim is to be a leading company in the Construction Industry, recognised for our commitment and success in delivering a safe and healthy place for all to work and visit.

Through our ongoing commitment to and development of a Behavioural Safety Programme, Buckingham Group is determined to sustain a lasting shift in the Company’s Safety Culture that will facilitate continually improving attitudes and safe behaviours in all areas of our activities.

Buckingham Group’s safety culture is defined and explained within our Behavioural Safety Initiative “All Ways Safely”. Our Health and Safety Culture and management philosophy is based upon the following five main criteria /principles that are the foundation of our Behavioural Safety Programme, “All Ways Safely”:

  • Workforce Engagement
  • Just Culture
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Measurement & Learning
  • Respect

The Directors remain fully committed to the continuous development and long-term success of “All Ways Safely”, the Company’s Behavioural Safety Improvement Programme. The programme has been deployed on all our Projects for the past 6 years.

  • All directors, staff and operatives have received formal training in Behavioural Safety and the practical application of “All Ways Safely”
  • Our key supply chain partners attend Behavioural Safety workshops / briefings (Some of these have been attended by Client representatives)

health flow3Deployment on our projects is delivered through effective leadership and communication demonstrated by all who are in a position of responsibility, from Directors to Supervisors. The Directors and Senior Managers support project teams through a formal measured programme that consistently demonstrates and reinforces our culture and the All Ways Safely Message:

  • A behavioural safety action plan developed, implemented monitored and reviewed on each project
  • Appointment of Behavioural Safety Champions
  • Achieve 100% on the safety leadership tour schedule
  • Attend and support the All Ways Safely Site Based Road Shows
  • Host All Ways Safely Project Kick Off workshop within the first 6 weeks of a significant project starting