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Energy Management

Buckingham Group secured BS EN ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System certification on the 29th October 2015. This certification demonstrates compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014 (ESOS Regulations) that came into force on the 17th July 2014.

We take the following steps to ensure compliance, measure energy consumption and identify cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations for areas of significant energy consumption:

  • We capture and collate energy consumption data for our offices and sites, the data is used to establish baselines for different types of project, record progress against company objectives and targets to reduce carbon and record whether these have been met annually
  • Energy use is captured and reported at least monthly from all our operational locations to enable detailed review of usage, from the information and data already available we have identified a key energy usage and are working with our suppliers to explore ways of reducing the energy consumption in this facet of our activities
  • Measures to reduce energy use are assessed to ensure minimum cost/carbon usage. This data is updated monthly in a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measurement tool (including supply chain data) and progress communicated to the project team

Ultimate responsibility for Energy Management rests with Mr. M.T. Kempley, Manging Director who, within our policy documents, is named as being the responsible person. Mr Kempley has signed the Energy Policy statement.

The Energy Policy is reviewed, as a minimum, on an annual basis. Additional reviews are undertaken throughout the year to precipitate changes in legislation and / or because of issues raised during internal and third party audit.

Last Review Date: The policy was last reviewed on the 7th March 2017

energy policy Click to view or download a copy of our Energy Policy Statement

energy certificate Click to view or download a copy of our ISO 50001 Certificate