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As a BS EN ISO 14001:2015 accredited company our Environmental Management System (EMS) provides a framework to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions in balance with socio-economic needs. It specifies requirements that enables us to achieve the outcomes we set for our environmental management system.

Our systematic approach to environmental management provides top management with information to build success over the long term and create options for contributing to sustainable development by:

  • Protecting the environment by preventing or mitigating adverse environmental impacts
  • Mitigating the potential adverse effect of environmental conditions on the organization
  • Assisting in the fulfilment of compliance obligations
  • Enhancing environmental performance
  • Controlling or influencing the way our services and the projects we deliver are designed, constructed (or deconstructed) operated, maintained and disposed by using a life cycle perspective that can prevent environmental impacts from being unintentionally shifted elsewhere within the life cycle
  • Achieving financial and operational benefits that can result from implementing environmentally sound alternatives that strengthen our market position
  • Communicating environmental information to relevant interested parties.

Ultimate responsibility for Environmental Management rests with Mr M.T. Kempley; Group Managing Director who, within our policy documents, is named as being the responsible person. Mr Kempley has signed the Environmental Policy statement.

The Environment Policy is reviewed, as a minimum, on an annual basis. Additional reviews are undertaken throughout the year to precipitate changes in legislation and / or because of issues raised during internal and third party audit.

The Directors are responsible for ensuring that the Policy is kept under review having regard to changes in legislation, best practice, audit results and the Company’s business. Monitoring reports are placed before the Board on a quarterly basis. The policy is monitored through:

  • Internal and third party audit of the Company’s Environmental performance
  • Management Review meetings carried out with Directors, senior managers and Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Managers
  • Inspection and reporting of activities and incidents on sites

Last Review Date: The policy was last reviewed on the 5th March 2018.

enviromental policyClick to view or download a copy of our Environmental Policy Statement

enviromental certificateClick to view or download a copy of our Environmental 14001 Certificate