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Health and Safety

Our Aim is to be a leading company in the Construction Industry, recognised for our commitment and success in delivering a safe and healthy place for all to work and visit.

Buckingham Group is, and will remain, OHSAS18001 Certified. Our Health and Safety Management System is proportionate to the risks that our company faces on a daily basis and is implemented by our people with the support of a dedicated, in-house, skilled and competent team of Health and Safety Managers/Advisors.

health flow1To deliver effective arrangements for managing health and safety we follow the Plan, Do, Check Act framework defined in HSG 65. The framework, as shown in the adjacent graphic, aligns closely to the key requirements of the CDM Regulations. Our approach has been developed to ensure:

Effective planning, management, monitoring and co-ordination of our H&S arrangements

Our measures are effective in reducing/preventing incidents, occupational ill-health and accidents

We identify the key actions required to maintain effectiveness through visible leadership, dedicated management resources, the involvement of our workforce and ongoing training and development to continuously improve and enhance the competence of our people  

Ultimate responsibility for Health and Safety management rests with Mr M. T. Kempley, Managing Director, who, within our policy documents, is named as being the responsible person. Mr Kempley has signed the Health and Safety Policy statement.

Last Review Date: The policy was last reviewed on the 5th March 2018.

Policy Review

The Health and Safety Policy is reviewed, as a minimum, on an annual basis. Additional reviews are undertaken throughout the year to precipitate changes in legislation and / or because of issues raised during internal and third party audit.

Behavioural Safety Programme to drive Continuous Improvement

Buckingham Group’s safety culture is defined and explained within our Behavioural Safety Initiative “All Ways Safely”. Our Health and Safety Culture and management philosophy is based upon the following five main criteria /principles that are the foundation of our Behavioural Safety Programme, “All Ways Safely”:

The Directors remain fully committed to the continuous development and long-term success of “All Ways Safely”, the Company’s Behavioural Safety Improvement Programme. The programme has been deployed on all our Projects for the past 6 years. The key factors in deploying our safety culture are:

  • All directors, staff and operatives have received formal training in Behavioural Safety and the practical application of “All Ways Safely”
  • Our key supply chain partners attend Behavioural Safety workshops / briefings (Some of these have been attended by Client representatives)

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