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The Planet Mark


Buckingham Group achieved The Planet Mark Accreditation.

By achieving The Planet Mark, Buckingham Group has committed to reducing its business carbon footprint 5% a year.

The Planet Mark Certification

The Planet Mark is an international mark of environmental certification signifying that Buckingham Group has measured and committed to reduce the carbon emissions associated with our business operations.

The Planet Mark has measured our annual business carbon footprint which has been analysed by site and compared to historic data, painting a complete picture of our ongoing carbon savings.

We have set targets to reduce our carbon emissions year on year. The Planet Mark has provided us with a Carbon Action Plan identifying methods to reduce our carbon footprint in ways that are both easily instigated and cost neutral. By becoming The Planet Mark accredited, Buckingham Group has committed to reducing their business carbon footprint by a minimum of 5% each year.  

Buckingham Group’s total carbon footprint for 2015 was calculated at 1,703 tCO2e in 2015, showing a carbon reduction per employee of 14.4%.

Through 2016 Buckingham Group will aim to reduce current emissions by a further 5%.

In support of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and commitment to enhancing social value throughout the wider communities in which we operate, we have, through The Planet Mark / Planet First, invested 10% of our license fee in the Eden Project. The Foundation offers a choice of local sustainability projects through which we have taken action to promote and support sustainability and local communities.

We have helped our Clients to understand the embodied CO2e within their development projects and have successfully delivered the Planet Positive /Planet Mark and BREEAM Excellent:

  • Sainsbury’s 620,000ft² Regional Distribution Centre at Pineham (Prologis Developments Ltd)
  • BMW’s 435,912ft2 Distribution Centre, also at Pineham (Prologis Developments Ltd)
  • Network Rail’s 330,000ft² Distribution Centre at Ryton, Coventry (Prologis Developments Ltd)
  • Common User Facility at DP World providing a 375,000ft² multi-purpose specialist cargo handling centre (DP World / London Gateway)
  • Extension to the BMW Distribution Centre, above, of 150,000ft2 (Prologis Developments Ltd)


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