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Land Restoration

Our Land Restoration service offers a flexible, compliant and cost-effective approach for the disposal of suitable beneficial materials such as biosolids, compost like outputs and composts in the restoration of former landfill, mineral working and Brownfield sites. Our key benefits include:

  • Fully integrated disposal solution at regulatory approved sites
  • Surety of service, through dedicated land banks
  • Provision of in-house management staff, labour, plant and equipment
  • Cost-effective, reduced risk disposal solution with no environmental or tax liabilities

We have an existing, significant, projected land bank for the ongoing receipt of such materials that are deposited, in a blended form using our Environment Agency Permit for Land Spreading SR2010 No5, EAWML/105204.

Environmental Protection

We have an excellent relationship with the Environment Agency (EA) and many Local Authority Environmental Health Teams. We nurture this relationship from the early conceptual design phase through to completion, ensuring efficient and prompt regulatory approval. Our works are carried in full compliance with all Regulatory requirements, we provide a full audit trail including monitoring, verification and validation.

Legal and Statutory Compliance

We hold a number of Waste Management Licences (Environmental Permits) which facilitate bulk earthworks, remediation, land restoration / reclamation, waste treatment and disposal. These are all granted and administered by the EA. We maintain regular, ongoing communication with the EA on the compliant operation of our sites, the surrendering of completed Permits and the forward planning of new Permit deployments. Currently including:

  • EAWML/75107: Mobile Treatment Permit for in and ex-situ Land and Water Remediation
  • EAWML/105204: Mobile Plant for Reclamation, Restoration or Improvement of Land
  • EAWML/75007: Inert Waste Landfill

In delivering land restoration schemes we focus on:

  • Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental (HSEQ) Management
  • Maximising the amount of useful recoverable material
  • Utilising plant and equipment that is well maintained by our in-house Plant Technicians and Workshop
  • Mitigating environmental nuisance and disruption
  • Delivering benefits for the local communities in which we work