Behavioural Safety

Allways Safely

Behavioural Safety

Our Aim is to be a leading company in the Construction Industry, recognised for our commitment and success in delivering a safe and healthy place for all to work and visit

Our safety culture is defined and explained within our Behavioural Safety Initiative “All Ways Safely”.  Our Directors remain fully committed to the continuous development and long-term success of “All Ways Safely”, and the programme has been deployed on all our projects for the past 6 years.

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Respect – The Respect Agenda

  • Fully supports our Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Aim for a harassment/bullying free workplace
  • Treat all people as we wish to be treated
  • Ensure all staff are treated with respect

Measuring and Learning

  • Understand root causes and share lessons
  • Prompt feedback to Close Call Reports
  • Regular = Management Review Meetings
  • Regular Safety Alerts and Bulletins

Personal Responsibility

  • 100% of staff are trained in “All Ways Safely”
  • Project Action Plans are developed
  • All Ways Safely Champions are appointed
  • Close Call Reporting is promoted

Just Culture

  • Focus on eradicating unsafe behaviours
  • Appropriate action is applied to any breaches
  • Specific training sessions are held
  • Understand root causes and lessons learnt

Engagement through Effective Leadership & Communication

  • Briefings, Interactive Training Sessions and Newsletters
  • Supplier Engagement Days, Supply Chain Charter, and joint Safety Leadership Tours
  • Safety Leadership Tours are led by Directors/Senior Managers
  • Safety Road Shows are held on sites