Demolition and Remediation / Restoration

Demolition and Remediation

Demolition and Remediation / Restoration

As a specialist Demolition, Asset Recovery and Remediation Contractor, we integrate our services into one total package to provide a Total Demolition and Remediation Solution for our Clients. We:

  • Produce statutory and regulatory complaint solutions including compliance with the CL:aire Code of Practice
  • Work under our Mobile Treatment Permit, EAWML/75107, which permits us to undertake a full and complete range of remedial solutions
  • Own and operate our own plant and equipment, and significantly renewing and updating our plant fleet to Euro V and Euro VI standards
  • Mitgate environmental nuisance using latest technology e.g. Dust Boss / Commando Dustgaurd

Demolition &



Asset & Materials Recovery

In-house Plant and Equipment